A Decade of Decolonization - CSC's 10 Year Anniversary

Support Racial Justice, Arts and Mental Health

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Support Racial Justice, Arts and Mental Health

"Tools such as compassion, trust, empathy, love, and ethical discernment are already in our possession. The next sensible step would be to use them." - Aberjhani

Here at CSC, we have been lucky enough to have access to a wealth of radical love, empathy, and trust in our community over the last decade. The pathway to liberation is not one to take alone, and the past 10 years have proved time and time again that you don't have to. From the facilitating artists who have lent already very wise rooms their wisdom, to the movers, the shakers, the chain breakers, we have truly witnessed miracles. The act of decolonization is an embodied one, something you do with your head, your heart, and your spirit. It is not something that lies solely in the pages of a book, or conversations at dinner parties, or a well-intentioned thought. It is the action you take within your body that resounds in community. It is a choice you make each and every morning when you get out of bed.

Our year long fundraising campaign is an invitation to commemorate a decade of decolonization, a decade of choices, a decade of embodied action, a decade of accessing the tools we have in ourselves and our community. Bring your time, talent, and /or treasures and contribute to our continued efforts. Your kindness directly supports professional development, community, and youth programs centering wellness and liberation. Your compassion helps us continue our mission to mobilize arts and education for social justice!

Celebrate 10 years of us. Come celebrate 10 years of you!

And stay tuned for more details about our upcoming November event!

Your generosity supports continued decolonization, justice and mental health.